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Packaging Industry Tapes


Super Sales Corporation specializes the manufacturing and supply of Custom Printed Tape with high adhesion properties provides an outstanding performance in packaging Industry. Company’s Name, Address, Logo, Product Name and customised messages can be printed on Tape. Easy to trace out the packets while in transportation and shipment and also used for brand promotion of goods. Strong adhesive and high resistant to all changing weather and temperature.


Super Sales Corporation mainly focussed with the manufacturing and supply of BOPP Tapes mainly Brown and Transparent colors. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene tapes are processed with different colors are widely used for the application of packaging and sealing purpose in all Industries. Good adhesion and temperature resistant to all changing weather.

Available in Brown, Transparent and other colors.


Super Sales Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, trading and supplier of different types of Industrial Tapes including Filament Tapes.

Both Mono Filament and Cross Filament Tapes extremely strong for packaging of heavy material , heavy weight cartons, bundling items and shipping pallets. Strong adhesive, high resistance to changing weather and high breaking strength.


Super Sales Corporation manufacturing and supplying a wide range of quality Duct Tapes in different colors. This tape is very useful for Holding, splicing, masking, Patching and Sealing purpose. It is very good for water proofing and used in construction Industries for Air condition Ducting, Heavy dutyPackaging and other industrial and domestic applications.

High Adhesion , easy to apply and high temperature resistant.


Floor Marking Tape is widely used for safety purpose, marking of hazardous area, Lane marking, marking or identification of specific area and storage segment. High adhesive and easily removable from surface. Excellent resistant to chemicals, water, oil and other objects.

Available in different colors like Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White and double colors like Yellow/Black, White/Green, Red/White etc.

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