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Printing and Label Industry Tapes


Non Repulpable Non woven tissue coated with strong adhesive on both sides. Mainly used for splicing paper, plastic films, join two substrates during printing, coating and laminating. It has high resistant power and not affected with temperature change and long storage.


Super Sales Corporation is one of the leading manufacturer, trader and supplier of a wide range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes including Acrylic Foam Tapes.

Mainly used in Automotive Industry For making emblems, side moulding and sealing against water and moisture is the main advantage of this type of tapes. Bonding metals, plastics and all uniform and irregular surfaces. Strong adhesion, High resistance to temperature, strong holding power and permanent fixing.

Available in various grades and thickness.

Double Sided Cotton Tape

Super Sales Corporation supplying high quality Double sided Cotton Tapes mainly used for splicing applications in Automotive, Printing and Flexography Industries. Also widely used in fixing the carpets, flexo printing, textile printing, gripping objects like Glass, wood, metal etc.
High adhesion and temperature resistant. .

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