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Our adhesive tapes are indispensable tools in different industries providing efficient and practical solutions for wide range of applications.From construction to consumer durables, automotive to metal industry, adhesive tapes offer numerous advantages, such as ease of application, cost-effectiveness, security and versatility, making them the go-to choice for engineers, technicians, and manufacturers alike.


Metal Industry

Nippon tapes are widely used in metal industry which encompasses activities related to extraction, processing, manufacturing and recycling of metals.It involves processes such as metal extraction, refiing, fabrication, machining and metal finishing.

  • We have a range of tapes which are are ideal for applications like metal butt splicing, metal overlap splicing.coil core starting and end tabbing, protection of metal edge and surfaces, bundling marking of metals.
  • We manufacture these tapes from different kinds of adhesives and base material as per customers specific requirements and applications.
  • All of the products are 100% customisable in terms length, width and thicknesses.They are usually supplied in rolls form, but sheets and die cuts options are also available.
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